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We're back again this summer for another round of summer camp this year! We'll be offering all day classes for everyone in 8 sessions, running from the middle of June to the end of August.

Classes run from Monday through Friday.


Half Day morning camp 9am-12pm


Half Day afternoon camp 12pm-3pm


Full Day camp 9am-3pm


This summer, we'll be exploring the Master Painters, mysterious creatures, how to create cartoons and how to be a fashion designer!

We take in all ages from 5+. We recommend you bring a packed lunch or snack.


Half Day Class: $150.00 per week

Full Day Class: $250.00 per week


In order to book a spot we will need $50 deposit. You can Sign Up Online Here


Footsteps of the Masters

Mysterious Creatures

Creating Cartoons

We will be focusing on replicating techniques and paintings of the Master Painters. Van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, you name it! We'll be using many different mediums, like the masters, ranging from paint to clay. We will also learn about how and why these painters came to be. Did they follow specific rules or guidelines? Did they have a favorite thing to create? Come find out with us!

In this session, we are going to be looking at the mysterious creatures that live all around the world and aren't very well known! Taking from the amazing creatures we learn about, we will look at art inspired by these animals, and create some of our own as well. We'll use a bunch of different mediums, and might even get the chance to meet a mysterious creature as well!

In this session, we will learn the basics of drawing! Line, shape, texture. We will also learn to create faces and bodies to create our own comics and stories. At the end of the session, we will have the opportunity to create a flip book and tell a story with our drawings.

It combines all of the above sessions, and even a little more. We'll get to do a little more outside a specific theme. A few guided painting lessons, a few collages and fun crafts. This session is for anyone who needs a little free art in their life. If you have a specific project you want to do, talk to us and we'll plan it. It's definitely for the kid who loves art, but maybe can't color in the lines all the time! We'll help anyone and everyone get to make the art of their dreams in this session.

Fashion Art

A Mix of All!

During this session we will learn how to draw professional fashion schetches and create clothing design. Kids also will get to design their own T-Shirts/Bags and Shoes. Perfect for little fashion lovers - fun first step to fashion design career.


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June 17 -21

July 29-August 2

July 1-5


July 8-12

August 12-16

June 24 -29

July 15-19

July 22-26

August 5-9